These tips are things I’ve found work well with the Canon G3, but will also be relevant for most advanced, compact digital cameras.

  1.  For most of my landscape images, I use program mode (P), set colour mode to vivid and under expose by a third of a stop.  Under exposing is the most important aspect as it helps enrich the colours and helps prevent the sky from being too washed out.
  2. To  achieve an arty look that particularly suits portraits, set the ISO to the highest setting (ISO400), set colour mode to sepia and use maximum zoom (X14).  As the G3 has an maximum optical zoom of X4, using X14 zoom means the camera is using software to achieve the additional zoom.  Normally this is not desirable as you loose sharpness and detail, however, for people portraits it gives an soft, graining look which is generally flattering to most people.
  3. When using the panorama mode to take a number of shots to stitch, underexpose by anywhere up to 1 stop to prevent the sky from appearing washed out.