Canon G3 and 300D comparison

Posted on Sunday 17 June 2007

Generally, I take both my Canon G3 and Canon 300D cameras with me on photographic shoots. I often use the G3 for quick shots like taking a photo of an information sign so that I view the details of the area I’ve been. With the 300D being a larger camera, I usually reserve it for shots that I feel are going to be worth it.

However, there are a number of occasions where I’ll take very similar shots on both cameras. The reasons for this are sometimes a little vague, but can include a slight feeling of paranoia that I better get a shot on both cameras in case one of the cameras or cards fail, or just curiosity as to how each camera will capture the scene.

The following two images are taken from the same location with as close to the field of view that is possible between the 300D and G3. As I have the G3 set to vivid colour mode and the fact that the 300D tends to take slightly under-saturated images, I have adjusted the 300D version of the image in Photoshop to be reasonably close to the G3 colours. This involved adding a bit more yellow and red in the colour balance control and pumping up the saturation a little in the Hue/Saturation tool.

Skippers Canyon

Canon G3 Version

Skippers Canyon

Canon 300D Version

You’ll probably see that in the 300D version, the bush in the foreground is quite soft. That’s mostly my fault for not adjusting the focus point to closer to the foreground.

1 Comment for 'Canon G3 and 300D comparison'

    18 June 2007 | 1:21 am

    That’s interesting, totally different to what I see with the 350D and the S80. The S80 is nowhere near as saturated as the 350D, I find the colour balance better on the 350D as well.

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