Sepia Sky

Posted on Saturday 16 June 2007

I love some of the speckled skies that quite often occur around here. In autumn and winter, then sun is generally in a favourable position to highlight the textures. One thing I like doing to bring out the texture in the cloud is to turn it into a sepia image.

Here’s the original image, which is quite nice, but perhaps a little plain/boring.

original version
Original, untouched version

To turn into a sepia image in Photoshop, I first used the quick/lazy way of converting to sepia by using the Hue/Saturation control and moving the hue slider all the way to the left. This technique works quite well on image like this that are already mostly monochrome, otherwise you end up with a whole bunch of garish colours. I then darkened the sky a little with the curves adjustment and used the burn tool to dark and bring out a little more detail in a couple of the areas where the cloud was a little burnt out.

Big Arrowtown Sky
Sepia version

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