Frost Macro

Posted on Monday 11 June 2007

It’s been very cold and frost in the last few days, and when I brought the wheelie bin in, I noticed how the frost crystals had formed around the raised letters on the lid. The bin was sitting in the sun and the ice crystals were really sparkling, so I hurried in to grab the 300D and put on the macro lens.

Given the urgency in getting a shot, I was a bit lazy and didn’t use a tripod. It can be quite tricky taking hand held macro shots as the focal point is continually changing. I have a 100mm Tokina macro lens which is reasonably fast at auto focusing, so I was able to get a couple of shots where the focal point was where I was aiming (more or less).

The image below has been given a slight blue tint in Photoshop as I usually think the colour blue when I think of ice.

Ice Crystals

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