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With 2 weeks of very cold overnight temperatures and daytime temperatures just getting above zero in the late afternoon, it has given some wonderful opportunities for taking photos of ice and frost. When taking images of ice, it can sometimes be a little tricky for auto-focus to work correctly if the ice is very shiny […]

Lunchtime Abstracts

The skies in New Zealand usually have an intense blue colour. This is particularly the case in Autumn, Spring and Winter. My lunchtime break has provided a interesting time to experiment with holding various objects up to the sky, while holding my camera (Canon G3) in the other hand and taking the photo on the […]

Moody Sky

My Sunday photographic shoot turned out to be a very foggy day, however, this provided some excellent opportunities for moody shots on the fringes of the fog. Looking down into the valleys covered in their bed of fog is always an inviting view. I took quite a number of shots overlooking Queenstown, Arrowtown, the Gibbston […]

Panorama Shots

The Canon G3 like most compact digital cameras has a panorama feature which allows you to align the next shot in the sequence with part of the previous image. Ideally, you’d want to use a tripod to ensure the most accurate results, but good results can still be achieved with hand held shots. Obviously, the […]

Canon G3 and 300D comparison

Generally, I take both my Canon G3 and Canon 300D cameras with me on photographic shoots. I often use the G3 for quick shots like taking a photo of an information sign so that I view the details of the area I’ve been. With the 300D being a larger camera, I usually reserve it for […]

Sepia Sky

I love some of the speckled skies that quite often occur around here. In autumn and winter, then sun is generally in a favourable position to highlight the textures. One thing I like doing to bring out the texture in the cloud is to turn it into a sepia image. Here’s the original image, which […]